We understand that your pet’s healthcare can get expensive and you are not always financially prepared to cover the costs associated with the care your pet needs. It is our job as your medical team to always offer what we believe is the best treatment plan for your pet, but what happens when that plan is more than what you can afford? It means you are left with difficult decisions to make that can ultimately lead to a negative outcome. This is why we do our best to keep our costs as affordable.

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The CareCredit healthcare credit card helps you manage your healthcare expenses whether they are planned or not. Similar to the Citi Health Card, you can use this card at participating human healthcare offices. It’s easy to apply and you receive an answer almost immediately. To apply for a card you can visit our office or log onto, or by calling 1-800-365-8295.

Pet Health Insurance

People often ask us, “why isn’t there health insurance for my pet?” Well good news – there is! Pet Health Insurance can not only help save you money, but can also save your pet’s life. Knowing that you will get reimbursed for expenses makes it easier to say yes to the treatments that your pet needs. Below are some links to pet health insurance vendors we believe offer great products and services to their clients. Each offer different coverage packages and reimbursement schedules so we encourage you to do your homework before selecting a plan. Simply click on the link below to be directed to their websites.

1. Nationwide –

2. PetPlan –

3. ASPCA –